ConfigAir User Interface

ConfigAir UI is a feature-rich modern user interface, available standalone or as an add-on to SAP ERP / commerce / CRM / CPQ, enhancing product configuration and pricing with SAP. We customize the layout and look and feel, as well as user workflow and application functionality for each customer to fit branding and customer journey / experience requirements.

Product Features

Seamless screen update using asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX)

ConfigAir UI provides a seamless, no-refresh validation of all rules and pricing, allowing the user to proceed without interruptions and visualize the product in realtime 2D or 3D.

Integrated 2D / 3D product visualization

ConfigAir UI has a rich framework for product visualization supporting complex layout logic and bi-directional integration between the visualization scene and the configuration product model. Both two-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional visualization is supported. All updates to the visualization are seamless and do not require screen refresh.

Extensive library of rich user interface widgets

ConfigAir UI sports a library of rich user interface widgets available to enhance user interaction with specific features, such as colors, dates, numeric interval values, etc.

Support for a variety of SAP Product Configuration Solutions
ConfigAir UI fits simple single level configurable products, as well as highly complex product / service multi-level solution configurations. We provide specific support for SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing cloud services as well as for SAP Solution Sales Configuration (SSC).