Our leadership team

Daniel Naus, CEO

Loves to build cutting-edge enterprise systems that give customers an everyday advantage.

Daniel has been involved with configurators and SAP technology since 1999 and has lead many implementation projects in several industry verticals (high-tech, industrial machinery & components, medical, wholesale distribution and others). Daniel has been a driving force behind SAP Configuration Workgroup, actively contributing to SAP community as Workgroup lead, CWG Portal Architect, Vice President, President and as happily retired past-President (the most coveted position of all). Daniel is a founding partner of eSpline LLC, a premier SAP Variant Configuration and Internet Pricing and Configuration consulting service and software partner. In early 1990s, Daniel worked on industrial software systems, some of which are still in everyday use (such as the subway train communication system in Prague, Czech Republic).

At ConfigAir, Daniel is focusing on strategy and driving product innovation through direct customer engagement. In his free time, Daniel loves the outdoors and travel, tries not to forget a few foreign languages he has picked up over the years and dabbles in music.

Dung Nguyen, VP of Sales / CIO

Love the smell of XCode in the morning.

Dung has been working with SAP configuration technology since the late 1990s and has extensive experience in the SAP eCommerce and Internet Sales products both with SAP ECC and CRM. At ConfigAir, Dung is the agile mind behind our iOS mobile apps, focusing on user interface design. 

Nizwer Husain, CFO

Excited about the potential for mobile computing and native device user interfaces.

For the past 12 years Nizwer has been focusing on SAP Internet Pricing and Configuration (IPC) projects including customized web user interfaces, integration with third party products and pricing.  During the dot.com era, Nizwer dove into web portal applications using NetDynamics studio.  He spent his early professional  years as a research programmer applying artificial intelligence search techniques and heuristics to finite capacity scheduling at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Was a Program manager at Intellicorp, California in the 1990s.

At ConfigAir, Nizwer is focusing on development of reusable Objective-C components and iOS app interface design. When he's not hacking away at iOS, Nizwer loves to dance salsa and always knows which local salsa club is hot.